Book Club

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Book Club Questions

I hope the following questions are useful, and your book club discussion is rewarding and enjoyable.

  • What was the major difficulty facing Eileen?
  • Was she disadvantaged by the times and the prevailing attitudes to women, and how are they different today?
  • Were her good looks part of the problem, and in what way?
  • Were there fewer opportunities in the farming district where she grew up, and could this have influenced her development as a person?
  • Did the Depression play a part in thwarting her plans?
  • What about the men in her life, did they help or hinder?
  • Did Eileen recognise financial security as being helpful or otherwise?
  • How might her actions have influenced the future generations?
  • Could Eileen’s situation be repeated today?
  • How does the book raise these ideas, and is the author relating ‘a cautionary tale’, or does she have questions of her own that she wants to ask her readers?